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  • First Big Trip of The Season

    Tuesday, October 25
    Just come back from the first big trip of the season.
    Yup, hurm... let's try this (please make the sound):




    Have you done it? Well done, mashaAllah!

    This is the ways to interact with Proboscis Monkey, Silver Leaf Monkey, and Hornbill.

    They come when we make the sound, "Aa-Ooo" 

    Best Photo's of Mine (Beginner - Egg Level): Silver Leaf Monkey

    Kikki - Very friendly

    Simple harmonic relations - Good with each others. Isn't it? 

    Baby dumping, issues on baby hatches, rape, adultery, etc... (social problems) - MODERN JAHILIYYAH. 

    While observing the monkeys, I get an idea.

    Negativity: Sometimes, when the male with a bad attitude become a leader for the group, he will slay the newborn babies and kids who are not belonged on him. He will do and re-do special relationship between different females more than once in a day to make his generation.  They were just an animals and doing nothing - sitting, eating, finding fleas, and do relationship.

    Positivity: They were very care and responsible. The mum's loves their kids. The father, also. Even the male monkey is in the title of step father, they also love their kids. The community also supporting with each others. Harmony.

    Then? What?

    I don't meant to equalize human with monkeys. We, human, never same with them. We have a brain and intelligence, they are not. It is not about the theory of evolution by Mr. Darwin. We are the best of molds, the best creations of Allah. 

    Allah says:

    "We have indeed created man in the best of molds."  (95:4)

    Whenever human cut-and-paste monkey's behavior (the negativity), where is actually the civilizations? Very sad, MODERN JAHILIYYAH today widespread among human efficiently. Why and how to counter-back? Then, Allah served us the best meal ever.

    Allah says:

    "O ye who believe! Enter to Islam whole-heartedly and follow not the footsteps of the evil one; For he is to you avowed enemy." (2:208)

    Reminders for me FIRST and FOREMOST!

    The Comment of Mine for The First Big Trip of The Season
    Thanks everyone! I still doesn't understand something about them, a lot of things. I asked to the Ranger but the answers not satisfying me. I think, few hours (more than 6 hours) keep on observing them is not enough. Never-mind, this trip reloaded myself a lot of ibrah. Everyone, both girls and boys, and future parents should have a trip like this. Trust me, you can learn so many things. INFORMAL TARBIYAH. Great and enjoyable. Alhamdulillah. 

    Wallahua'alam wa nastaghfirullah al adzeem


    Friday, October 7
    In the name of Allah the Most Gracious and Most Merciful

    This is just a thought and might be hard to understand by others. The written not using a high level language but significant from the last post, to understand this post everyone need to install the compiler and interpreter.

    Brothers and sisters fillah,

    Munazzamun fi syu'unihi

    I believe that everyone heard about the Scientific Method. Isn't it? Yup, since in the primary school, up to the secondary school, and then now... we applied this method (InshaAllah). Don't you?

    Okay, let's recall the method. This is the note's from my lecturer (may Allah bless her):

    Scientific Method

    1. Observations and previous experiences
    2. Questions (Hypothesis)
    3. Predictions 
    4. Experimental test
    5. Result
    6. Conclusion (Accepted or rejected)

    Then, only a few days ago (more than 10 days) I realized - to be organized, I need a fit method and alhamdulillah, Allah give an ilham to me for this method. Actually, everyone can apply this to make a reality on the number ninth of Muwosafat Tarbiyah - munazzamun fi syu'unihi.

    I see myself late from others to understand the concept. A few decades passed. Some says... you'll be LATE, too much procedures, we need to go FASTER. Hurm? What will you says?

    All praise due to Allah for the first 'Big Circle in Combine' of this season. I get a point, even in an eating ceremony, we will never get one agreement of satisfaction for the food served even though the last result is to make everyone repleted. Then, we need a diversification and (for me) it will need to start again-and-again by following the scientific method.

    Every step's is important. We believe in everything that we do, it is from the leave of Allah. InshaAllah. May Allah bless us. Allahumma Ameen.


    Compiler and Interpreter

    Tuesday, October 4
    Muslims and friends with the bless of Allah,

    SIMPLE THOUGHT by Lubabah

    Hmm... Let's start with basic.
    Lubabah, Labibah, Gabriella, Ibrahim, Mr Green, Mr Yellow, Umar, and me...

    Agree with the our On-Going Testing Hypothesis: 

    'Everyone MUST install the COMPILER and INTERPRETER'.

    Why? No answer here. Think by yourself! (InshaAllah, Allah will help you.)

    For example:

    int main()
              cout<<"Repeatation is very IMPORTANT!\n";
              cout<<"Never PERFECT\n";
              cout<<"Be COOL\n";
              cout<<"Up to you, the words that you use, the action that you show\n";
              cout<<"Equal to the way of you THINK!\n";
    //This is the simple notes not just the notes for programmer BUT can apply to the formula of D with the positive correlation to the T and the present of L variable. 

    //We know that char_D, char_T, and char_L were very sensitive but this is just the reminder for me and my friends first and foremost.

              return 0;

    So, what did you get? Normal, if you doesn't understand. The point just, the COMPILER and INTERPRETER is important because sometimes we can't read or understand the High Level Language (Ex: C++, Java, ...). Some level can apply the binary code language and another another level can apply the assembly language. Depends to the person (theoretically).

    Another message before ending the string of this written;

    int main()

              cout<<"Please think for the IBRAH!"<<endl;
              cout<<"Please think for the IBRAH!"<<endl;
              cout<<"Please think for the IBRAH!"<<endl;
              return 0;

    Wallahua'alam wa nastaghfirullah al adzeem
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