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  • I Fear Allah Will Be Blame Me...

    Monday, July 18
    My secret is not a secret
    I am trying to put into a cache
    However, who knows? Excepting Allah al Khaliq
    Biiznillah, no more secret!
    Everything shown and I can do nothing
    Just pleased with the qadar

    All praise to you, Allah
    I am sad... very sad
    My pain (inside me) colors my way ahead
    What is my pain?
    Doctors cannot examine me
    Mysterious... they cannot give any prescription

    Then, what is my pain?
    It is a gift from His decree
    I have no pain you see?
    Except the pain of my sins
    Yet, how do I heal these heavy stain from my heart?

    I fear Allah would blame me
    Indeed, Allah who is The Most Powerful should blame me
    For being too shameful to disobey Him
    While being devoted on hiding my sins from people

    I am the sinner
    Everyday I fell back to the sins
    My action looks like I have thousand years of life
    I am deceive on myself
    How do I can think the world will serve me an eternal happiness which full with desires?
    O myself, the poorer-one
    Stop focusing on dunya, come to Allah with a repent

    O Allah, give me a sincere repentance
    That would wipe my sins and bad deed
    Ending the worries of my heart
    I always asking you every second that I remember you
    With my eyes pouring a river of tears
    You are the hope and aid, the Answerer

    Praise to Allah from the night to the morning
    Praise to Allah from the morning to the night

    O Allah, give me which is better to me...


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