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    Wednesday, December 8
    The Operations Plan by "Makhluk Genius" Perspective

    All of us has our own company. Your company is your life. You are the manager of yourself. You are the General Manager, Administration Manager, Marketing Manager, Operational Manager, and Financial Manager of yourself. Operations is an important part in business organization. Managing operation is crucial to make sure that the business is able to produce product or services according to specification, quality, and time. The management is the process of transforming input to output.

    This is the operation plan to make sure that the product or service that we do is the most quality. Allah is the investor, Allah is the one who judge and give marks to us. The story is, we don't want to be the success one but we want others who have more potential to be our friends in the last day and also joining the successful. This plan is about our job as a daie.

    Components in Operations System

    Business Input
    Without input, you will not have output. As a daie, how you can give others if you don't have anything. Studying Islam is the most important. However, pure science and social science are the input examples that we also must have. Naturally, all of the concept that we learn either in science or economy, it is same. The concept almost same in the reality of life. You only can look for that if you think deeply for it. It is tarbiyah from Allah. Insha' Allah.

    Transform Process
    Changing process is the hardest process but it is not impossible. Creativity and innovative are important part.

    Alhamdulillah, sometimes we can look the changes in a short-time. Also have a case when we do something, the change doesn't look by the eyes. Don't worry... Allah actually look for your efforts not for the last result.

    Lets' have a second or minute to muhasabah or think what we do for today. Is you done the akhlak as the akhlak of our prophet, Muhammad SAW?

    External Environment
    Sometimes, environment can help us to survive this life but most of the time, it is also danger for us to be in. It is likely, the bacteria which their is a good and bad bacteria. It is OK if you have good immune system but poorly if it is unworkable as you want.

    *All of the components important during the operation in business with Allah.

    Operations Plan as a Daie

    Process Planning
    Identification step-by-step process. This is the largest sunnah from Muhammad SAW. In searching a mad'u for example, you may have a step on make an ukhuwwah until he or she get in into ta'lim and then halaqoh.

    Operations Layout
    In the bus, bus station, class, road, stores, and others is our operation layout. Musolla and mosque may become the main operation layout.

    Production Planning
    Remember, we don't searching people and make-up it for jamaah but we search and make-up it for Islam. We want the product which productive for the next time when he or she mature then.

    Material Planning
    Main ingredients: Yourself, your Imaan
    Additional ingredients: Others such as extra pocket money, ideas, ...

    Machine and Equipment Planning
    Your hand and your leg is the machine and equipment. Use your hand and leg to do a good deed.

    Manpower Planning
    We are the boss, we are the workers... and if you can produce a product, the product then can be the workers also as you are...

    Overheads Requirements
    Your health and your age is the overheads requirements. Take care for it.

    Location Plan
    Everywhere is the location but if you are the tough, you can make open area as the location. Insha'Allah

    Business and Operation Hours
    No specific time for it. We are the boss, we can operate any time, either in the morning, afternoon, evening, night, mid-night, or subooh. Depends on the situation.

    License, Permits, and Regulations Required
    We always given a licence and permits to do our job. Regulations that we have only what the things that Islam not teaching us. SIMPLE.

    Operations Budget
    The total budget is the whole value of your life. If you think your value or rate as 1,000,000 dollars... it is you are. BUT, it will be the infinity number when the value is from Allah.

    Implementation Schedule
    We have 24 hours per day. It is actually enough for us and no need to add any extra seconds, minutes, or hours per day. Every second over 24 hours per day is important. If we aware that Islam is the way of life, every second is ibadah since we do all of the good deed with a niat only for Allah. Subhanallah...

    *The writer is not the fakih in Islam, also not the successful entrepreneurship. The written is just the share from the writer's. It is the lessons for the writers singly.
    *We are very sorry for all of the bad deed in this sharing.


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