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  • Say ALHAMDULILLAH, Thank You Allah

    Saturday, June 4

    ALHAMDULILLAH, Thank You Allah for everything that He gave to me...

    Dear myself,
    How old are you just now?
    Are you 18? NO!
    Are you 20? NO!
    Are you 22? NO!
    Then, what do you think about your age?
    I think... JUST a WEEK
    Masha Allah, biologically so OLD
    BUT spiritually... PREMATURE

    Am I at the beginning of my life?
    Actually, I have no IDEA
    Till now, still SEARCHING and GOOGLE-ing

    Too many things to be LEARN
    Too many things to be UNDERSTAND
    Too many things to be THINK
    Too many things to be DONE
    What about your RESPONSIBILITIES? Have you DONE?
    Whereas, your time was LIMITED
    I really doesn't understand why some people HAPPY in their belated birthday's
    Every second is a count down for the DATE with ALLAH

    Knock, knock, knock...
    Hey, when you will begin to serve to Allah?
    Don't you realized the extra week that Allah gave?
    Plus the eyes, the tongue, the brain, and the LIFE
    Don't you want to say THANK YOU to ALLAH?

    Can I do TOMORROW?
    Huh? TOMORROW?
    NO! and NO! and NO! 
    Perhaps you will not wake up
    Just START now, O myself!

    Do your mum and dad be with you there? NO!
    Or do your brothers and sisters will be with you? NO!
    No more QC or Lubabah or Umar or MG or Shu Hee or Syahidah...
    You're ALONE!

    What are you going to say to Allah?
    Do you have an excuse? NO!

    With the time become LIMITED
    It's OK if you START now
    Never late for you to CHANGE yourself
    Allah know yours
    Allah knows who you are

    O myself...
    If you LOVE ALLAH...
    If you're a MUSLIM...
    Then, ACT like as a MUSLIM
    Insha Allah, ALLAH will be with you
    May Barakah of Allah and His Love always be with you for the remaining of your LIFE

    Our journey still LONGER but the age will be SHORTER 
    (Afwan, I don't really understand and a little bit confused with the statement. So, I'll let you and me to think for it.)



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