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  • Analytical Chemistry: Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC)

    Sunday, May 8

    TLC is a technique whereby separation occurs on a thin layer of adsorbent which is attached to an inert support. It is useful for separating organic compounds.

    Application: In this era's, we are in the world of fitnah. Not all of the facts that we have been learn during the primary school, secondary school, or either in the higher learning level is always true.

    So, we must use the concept of TLC. We must learn the separation technique by TLC. Alhamdulillah for the adsorption of the good things color in our life and nau'zubillah for the bad things.

    There are some advantages of TLC over paper:

    (1) The separation much faster

    My lecturer said, "young generation in these days confused with their mind". It is because we are always watching and listening so many things. However, without the technique in separating of the good and the bad things, you will confused with yourself.

    (2) The spots are more discrete

    Everyone can looking for their physical in a mirror, but for the spiritual... you can look only by your heart. Same as the TLC, UV light can help to detect the spot. You are what you think.

    (3) It can withstand corrosive detection reagents

    Muslim must have a strength to fight with the corrosive agents. Mass media very responsible as the corrosive agents. They can inject and train us to be "hizbu-syaitan", far away from the trail of truth.

    The objective of TLC will be achieved if we totally done the right method by holy Quran and as Sunnah.

    *The writer is not a scientist nor the ustazah


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