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    Wednesday, May 11

    "Love of Allah is like a high-flying kite. When the connection is strong, we are free to rise to any height. The strong connection is what we call Eeman... Allah created us with His love and guidance. Sometimes, He takes us into the savage ocean... Not to drown us, but to cleanse us. May Allah bless all of us."

    (Lovely message from my Sister)

    Message details:
    - Sender: My Sister
    - Received: 06:29:45 am on March 8, 2011

    All praise due to Allah, lord of the universe and may peace and blessings be upon Muhammad SAW, His beloved messenger.

    Erm, I don't want to write just now... But, Insha Allah, I have prepared meal for you. Hopefully, you will be like it. 

    The Importance of Love For Allah' by Mr. Faqir Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi

    All praise is due to Allah, who deemed man worthy to be the foremost of His creation. Allah states:

    لقد خلقنا الإنسان في أحسن تقويم

    We indeed created humanity in the best of forms. (95:4)

    Allah, the Lord of the universe, plants the seed of His love in the heart of every human at the time of their birth. This is why every person is born in the original state [fitrah] of Islam. A hadith states:

    آل مولود يولد على فطرة الإسلام

    Every baby is born on the fitrah of Islam.

    It is this fitrah, rather than rational arguments, that compels every person to believe in the existence of Allah and to worship Him alone.

    Life is given in order to worship, life without worship is shameful.

    If the inherent love for Allah was removed from humanity, nothing but bestiality would remain. Truly, nothing of worth exists in the temporary life of this world other than love for Allah.

    Only when love for Allah flourishes in the heart and captivates the eyes does life itself become wondrous. 

    The way of love is unlike all other ways, the creed of lovers is distinct from all other creeds.

    Honor and disgrace in life are dependent upon love for Allah. Allah honors His servants with the verse:

    و لقد آرمنا بني آدم

    We have indeed honored mankind (17:70)

    and Allah adorns man with the verse:

    و فضلناهم على آثير

    And We have preferred them over many others. (17:70)

    Allah bestows honor and respect upon humanity due to its love for Him. 

    He who is the lover of the beauty of Allah, is the leader of all of creation.

    The crux of the beginning and end of life, its origin and destination, is love for Allah.

    Love is the beginning; love is the end; love is everything,
    Love is the branch; love is the tree; love is the flower.

    Instead of sustaining and nourishing, infertile land causes a seed to erode and wither away. Similarly, rather than fostering love for Allah, an environment saturated in sin engulfs and stifles the heart in heedlessness and neglect. In a nurturing environment, the seed of Allah’s love flourishes and blooms giving off a beautiful fragrance. In every virtuous environment, you will find that the awareness of Allah is the focus of people’s lives.

    One knows not the color and scent of this pleasant flower,
    That attracts every bird in the garden toward it.

    So what if the enamored one is insane in the love of Allah?
    Look and you shall find the whole world His admirer.

    Truly, the degree to which Allah has been sought; the zeal with which He has been loved; the extent to which He has been remembered; the yearning with which He has been invoked; the amount that He has been worshiped; and the fervor with which He has been admired and adored stands far above all else. No other entity in the universe bears comparison. All of creation loves Allah.



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